BIG Cat Play Fun Cube



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Ideal for all cats - particularly the big boys and girls!The new BIG pop open Cat Play Cube is specially designed to be light enough for cats to jump in them and move them about. Cats and kittens of all ages go mad for them!

The Big Cat Play Fun Cube is also designed to roll and always give your cat at least two options of exit. Built in flexi frame pops open in seconds. Folds down for storage. Your cats will have the time of their lives when they get their mitts on them, and it will certainly keep you entertained too!!!

Watch them as they dash in and out, tip them up, play hide and seek, roll them around your living room, and not to mention pounce all over them!!! Then finally, once they have successfully completed their mad mission, they’ll probably squeeze a quick cat nap in there too! 

Approx 48cm x 48cm x 48cm - Ideal for all cats - particularly the big boys and girls! Made with a wire frame covered with a 2-tone blue/mauve colour nylon material.

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